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How to sell online jeans with Cloudcart

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How to choose the right theme for your store? As an online clothing merchant, one of the most important things for your online store is its visual appearance! To help you choose a theme, we, at CloudCart, will offer you our “theme templates"", which are modern, easy to configurate and mobile phone friendly. We want every оnline seller to stand out with a different and unique theme, so we are giving you the chance to change the colors of each one of our themes. CloudCart will offer you everything your business needs, no matter whether your are building an online woman’s, men’s or children’s clothes store. Pictures are the most important thing for online clothing stores! Pay attention to your images, because they are the most important thing that matters in your online business. The clients cannot touch your products online, they can only see them .Provide as many photos as possible, from all angles and with high resolution ,and use an all white background to let your products stand out. Describe the clothes in detail and thanks to the options of CloudCart, you can display all the different colors, sizes, materials, textures, etc. The platform will help you set up the SKU, barcode, quantity, weight and pictures for every item for sale. Whether you sell women’s clothes, boutique clothes, cheap or expensive clothes - you will have the opportunity to create a beautiful and detailed online store.